HURUMA is a Kiswahili term for Mercy. We emphasize HURUMA through the music we perform and the charity works we do in society to help the needy. HRS is made up of amateur musicians and singers. We are a RAINBOW association of members with diverse age groups, ideas, ethnic, as well as professional and intellectual backgrounds. Most of the members have been SINGERS since school times, and have had a long background in church choirs. So far, the association has two trainers who have been training choirs for over 30 years in various parts of Tanzania. Currently, HRS consists of 35 mixed singers.

Our objectives include promoting choral music in Tanzania; fundraising for the needy; doing educational and sensitization projects in society through musical compositions addressing tourism, environment, health, social and economic problems; civic and human rights; while also creating employment, generating income through choral music.

We believe we can achieve these objectives through a number of ways including those mentioned above


Ilinde Tanzania.mp3

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