HRS is managed by an executive committee that runs the association on a day-to-day basis. It comprises the chairperson, vice-chairperson, choir director and trainer, executive secretary, assistant executive secretary and treasurer

Chairperson: Frank Latamani

Assistant Chairperson: Emma William

Treasurer: Regidia Maximillian

Executive Secretary: Ansbert M. Ngurumo

Asisstant Executive Secretary: Seconda Msilu

Choir Directors: Ansbert M. Ngurumo, Alexander Ndibalema K.

Ansbert M. Ngurumo has been the HRS choir director and principle trainer since 2004. Also doubling as executive secretary, Ngurumo mastered the organization in its first two years of inception before he went to UK for further studies in 2006, where he has continued to act as the organisation’s coordinator, advisor and publicist abroad. He is still composing and re-arranging music for HRS, as well as giving support in sourcing fresh works and opportunities for HRS, using his 33-year experience in choir training, and the contacts he has made over the years.

Since 1983, Ngurumo has trained and founded a number of church choirs. Among choirs he founded are: Chipukizi Choir (Rutabo Parish); St Faustina Choir (Kiabakari Parish, Musoma) and Huruma Rainbow Singers. Other choirs he has trained over two decades include Rutabo Seminary Choir; Jolly Singers of St. Mary's Rubya Seminary; Kibosho Senior Seminary Choir; Bukoba Cathedral Choir (BCC); Musoma Cathedral Choir; Kibaranga Choir; Bunena Choir; Butiama Choir and Mashahidi wa Uganda Choir (Magomeni), Dar es salaam.

Alexander Ndibalema K. is one of the most talented and celebrated choir trainers and conductors in Tanzania. Trained in fine and performing arts, Ndibalema holds a diploma in teaching from Butimba Teachers’ College and he has just graduated in Social Work from the Institute of Social Work, Tanzania, where he was doing a degree in social work. He received his first music lessons at Rutabo Seminary between 1983 and 1987, before he joined Kanyigo Development Association Secondary School in Kagera region, and Kigurunyembe Teachers College, in Morogoro region, where he also did music. He has conducted choirs since 1983. 

Ndibalema has also trained and conducted church choirs in Bushumba sub-parish of Katoke Parish; Kigurunyembe College Choir; Butimba TTC choir; St. John Bosco Choir at Bukoba Cathedral, Precious Blood of Jesus Choir, Tegeta Parish, and Huruma Rainbow Singers (HRS). Besides teaching music in schools and directing choirs, he has directed the KAKAU Social Band of Bukoba Diocese that sensitizes the community on issues of HIV/AIDS. Beyond the borders of Tanzania, he has performed with St John Bosco Choir in Uganda and Kenya; and with KAKAU Band, he has toured and performed in Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, and Austria on a number of times.

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